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Tomonoura Attractions


Togyo-sai Festival and Kangyo-sai Festival (Yodohime Shrine annual festival・Dango festival)” where we can witness the rolling Mikoshi being thrown away!


The annual festival of Yodohime Shrine, the Togyo and Kangyo Festival, is held on the first Saturday and Sunday in August. This festival is also called “Dango (dumpling) Festival.” This is because families in Hira region, where the shrine is located, used to make dumplings on the day before the festival > MORE

Ryoma was hidden in the attic!? “Ryoma’s hideout”

The“Masuya”residence was once home to a shipping agent who dealt in providing not only accommodation but also supplies for various clans at Tomonoura in the Edo Period. It is here that famous samurai “Ryoma Sakamoto”stayed in hiding in the secret attic room found only after his death. > MORE

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