The last Saturday of May, in the midst of the Tomonoura Kankō Taiami (a traditional event of sea bream fishing using a net), the Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival is held, a special event celebrating the arrival of summer to the Setouchi.

While fireworks festivals in Japan are usually mid-summer events, the Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival is held in May. It is a great event announcing the end of spring and the arrival of summer to the port town.

The event has a long history, dating back the Enkasai, a traditional fireworks festival used to pray for maritime safety during the Edo period.

In the evening, a prefectural highway on the seashore is converted into a pedestrian zone with food stands selling cotton candy, candy apples, grilled squid, and children’s games such as yo-yo fishing (fishing balloons). Among the lively calling of sellers to sample their goods, the event starts with the performance of Aiyabushi, a traditional performance art performed by the locals and children, and other essential events to the festivals of Tomo.

The fireworks are set off from a small island called Bentenjima, about 2,000 in all. Spectators can admire the fireworks show from anywhere they like: hills, balconies of their own homes, etc.

A series of large fireworks are launched over the pitch-black sea, far from the lights of the town and shower down breathtakingly above the spectators. The reflections of the fireworks on the sea are beautiful and reminiscent of the port of Shiomachi. Feeling the gentle sea breeze, enjoy the arrival of summer a little earlier at the fireworks festival of this port town.

Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival
Venue/ Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Date/ Last Saturday of May
Telephone/ +81-84-928-1042 (Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival Executive Committee Office, Fukuyama City Tourism Division)