Privacy Policy

The information on the Tomonoura Japan Heritage Official Homepage (hereinafter referred to as “this homepage”) is subject to copyright. Unless permitted by copyright law, such as “copying for private use” or “quoting”, copying and diverting without permission is prohibited.

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Handling of personal information
In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Ordinance of the Fukuyama city, personal information will be handled appropriately as follows:

Personal Information
Information about an individual, such as an address, name, telephone number, or email address and thereby can identify the specific individual.

Collection of personal information from users
In principle, this Council collects personal information through this homepage in accordance with the users’ consent to their information provision,
When personal information is obtained, the purpose of its acquisition will be clearly displayed, and information will be obtained insofar as is necessary to achieve the declared purpose.

In addition, this homepage automatically collects information such as Internet domain names, IP addresses, and the sites accessed, and all similar things. Cookies (cookies: information transmitted from the server to the user’s browser to identify the user on the server-side and stored on the user’s computer) may be used to accurately determine the number of accesses and to improve the convenience of the browser display function, and for all similar things.

Use of personal information
Personal information provided by users will be used within the scope of the stated purpose of use.

Management of personal information
Personal information collected from users will be appropriately managed and used to take necessary measures to protect from disclosure, misappropriation, falsification, and all similar things.
Personal information that is no longer necessary to retain will be deleted securely and promptly.