“Bandaiji-Kannon Temple”, commonly known as “Abuto-Kannon Temple” is built on the edge of Abuto cape, which is located 4 km west of Tomonoura, and is designated as Japan’s Important Cultural Property.
It is said to have been founded around 1570 – 1573 by the warload Terumoto Mori. A lacquer-coated Kannon-dou standing on stone walls at the tip of the cape creates an image like one seen in a magnificent ancient picture scroll. In fact, the famous ukiyo-e painter Hiroshige Utagawa drew this stunning scenery in “Rokujo Yoshu Meisho Zue Bigo Abuto-Kannon Temple”.
If you walk along the corridor from the reception hall, you will reach Kannon-dou. Take a look inside. You might be surprised to see so many women’s breasts spreading out along the whole wall!
In fact, “Abuto-Kannon Temple” is widely worshipped to for luck in conception and smooth childbirth, and is why you can see so many “Oppai Ema” lined up in a row. The fact that they are all handmade is an overwhelmingly impressive feature. It is full of warm affection, with a great consideration for the importance of family.
If you look away from Kannon-dou, you will see the blue Seto Inland Sea in front of you, the beautiful scenery of which will make you forget time itself. The scene is made all the more thrilling with its surprisingly low guardrail by the stonewall (the height is lower than your knee), yet it is a great chance to view the vast sea scenery spreading out from beneath your toes.

Abuto-Kannon Temple (Bandai-ji Kannnu Temple)
Address/ 1427-1 Notohara Abuto, Nunakuma-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Tel/ +81-84-987-3862
Open/ 8:00 – 17:00 (no holidays)
Fee/ 100 yen for junor high school student above, 50 yen for elementary school student