Sensuijima Island, situated off Tomonoura town, was designated as one of the majestic scenic spots in “Tomo Park” along with the neighboring Tsutsuji-jima Island, Kogo Island, Benten Island, Tamatsu Island and Tsugaru Island in 1925.As you walk toward the promenade on the south side of Sensuijima Island, you will notice the colorful shore wall that has naturally turned a mixture of turquoise, red, yellow, white and black (or purple). This gorgeous sea wall is more than 200 meters long and is home to a very rare stratum that can be found only in Sensuijima Island.

You can also find 200 large and small sea caves on the island, which have been naturally carved out and eroded by the lapping sea waves. Because many of the sea caves of Sensuijima are about 3 – 5 meters in height, we can guess that the tide is now taller than it was tens of thousands of years ago.
Sensujima offers us a range of strange and unique rocks, including “Goshiki-iwa Rock”. Take a chance to read the message endless nature has left us.

Goshiki-iwa Rock
Address/ Sensuijima, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima