Every year from late September to early October, TOMONOURA de ART, a contemporary art exhibition, is held throughout the town of Tomonoura.

During this period, artworks are displayed both inside and outside the important cultural properties, historic sites, and historical buildings around Tomonoura. The dignified old town is filled with works of contemporary art.

Colorful textiles of dyers add flavor to Tomonotsu-no-Shōka, an important cultural property of Fukuyama-city, modern sculptures stand in the gardens of temples, and photographs decorate cafe spaces. Both domestic and international artists, including local artists from Fukuyama city and the Bingo area, display their various artworks: Japanese paper, dyeing, photography, stone carving, wood carving, ceramics, print, and video works.

In addition to the displays, you can also join in participatory events: art tours in which you can stroll around town while hearing the commentaries of the artists, workshops, craft experiences, live shows, and a Hōmei-shu (local alcohol) tasting contest.

The collaboration of the town’s stately traditional streets and contemporary pieces of art is really exciting. Enjoy contemporary art in a unique atmosphere during the autumn season in Tomonoura!

Venue/ Tomonoura, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Dates/ Late September to early October every year
Tel/ +81-84-921-2349 (Tomonoura de ART Executive Committee, Fukuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry)