“Yodohime Shrine”, located on the west side of Isoyama in Tomoroura, holds an annual festival on July 7 of the lunal calendar (the first weekend in August in the current calendar).
It also is nicknamed the “Dango Festival” as the locals in Hira-cho have the tradition of making Dango to give to their friends and relatives before the festival.
On the festival day, inhabitants in Hira-cho (currently around area from Hira 1-chome to 3 cho-me) divide into 3 teams, named “Daimyo-jin, Kawara-ya”, “Naka”, and “Tanohira”. Each team usually holds 3 Mikoshi floats (though currently there are only 2) per team and have a parade with a Taiko and flute (Mikoshi Bayashi) rhythm. They roll the Mikoshi float up the prescient or square and each young team will then compete and end up fighting by “throwing away” the Mikoshi. As such, that locals name this festival “Hira no Nage Mikoshi (throwing away Mikoshi in Hira district)”.
Visitors will be amazed to see the Mikoshi being rolled around to a dynamic drum beat, as well as men in Happi (traditional Japanese robes) at the festival. It makes for a fun and unique event in the middle of summer in Tomonoura.
In addition, since the festival overlaps with the Tanabata Festival of the lunal calendar, you can also spot Tanabata ornaments displayed in the town, making a day in summer much more pleasant in Tomonoura.

Togyo-sai Festival and Kangyo-sai Festival (Yodohime Shrine annual festival)
Place/ Yodohime Shrine
Address/ 1596-2 Ushiroji, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Data/ 14:00〜 on the first Saturday and Sunday of every August