“Tomonoura Hina Doll Festival” is just one of the many annual events in Tomonoura. Hina dolls which are handed down from generation to generation are on display in 100 homes, shops, temples etc.

The main venue for the event is at “Fukuyama Tomonoura Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan”, where luxurious seven stages and gorgeous decorations are kept in the “Tomonoura’s merchant house.” Ota Residence is another key area, where we can witness many of the Hina dolls that have been designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan. Hina dolls exhibited at local houses are also worth checking out for their diversity and uniqueness. Around this time, the old town takes on a gentle pink hue, as if it is calling for spring.

In addition, special events such as “Tomonotsu Yoibina” where the lighthouse becomes illuminated and the “Hinagashi making event” are also held. Visiting a quiet and peaceful town is nice, but how about anticipating spring in a lively town colored with dolls?

Tomonoura Hina Doll Festival
Address/ Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Date/ From the middle of February until the end of March
Tel/ +81-80-5614-2778(The official committee of Tomonoura Hina Doll Festival