Iroha-maru Tenjikan (Iroha Maru Exhibition Hall) is beautiful warehouse with stunning white walls located at the port near Jōyatō (all-night street lamp). It was renovated from a warehouse from the Edo period. The Namako-kabe (Japanese traditional walls) and magnificent beams of the building are reminders of the grandeur and prosperity of old Tomonoura and are not to be missed.

In a famous incident in 1867, the Iroha-maru, Ryoma Sakamoto was aboard a ship belonging to the trading and private navy company, Kaientai when it collided with the Meikō-maru, a warship of the Kisyū domain off the shore of Tomo. The Iroha-maru sank with its cargo. This accident brought Ryoma Sakamoto to Tomonoura, where he stayed a few days to negotiate for repayment for the damages.

The exhibition hall displays studies of the accident through illustrations and photos, in addition to the remains of Iroha-maru salvaged during the investigations. A diorama reproducing the incident of the sinking of the Iroha-maru is also displayed.

On the second floor, a room of Masuyaseiemon house, where Ryoma Sakamoto and members of Kaientai hid from the Shogunate authorities during their stay in Tomonoura. The room has been authentically reproduced, including a life-sized doll of Ryoma standing in the center of the room. Fans of Ryoma Sakamoto can also dress up like him and take photos.

Let’s follow the footsteps of Ryoma, the samurai who helped overthrow the Shogunate, starting from Iroha-maru Tenjikan.

Iroha-maru Tenjikan (Iroha Maru Exhibition Hall)
Address/ 843-1 Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Open/ Sat. Sun. Public holidays 10: 00 – 16: 30
Tel/ +81-84-982-1681
Entrance Fee/ 200 yen or more for elementary school students