A cozy and historical shop which was created by being moved the Nagaya gate of Fukuyama Castle. As you step in, you will be overwhelmed by the huge dragon signboard inherited from Nakamura family, the originator of the Houmei liquor brewery. Okamoto family who has been engaged in the sake industry since 1855. After the Meiji Period, in the time of Okamoto family second generation, Okamoto Kametaro had changed their business as producing Houmei liquor, which is still running the business.

Despite of having a long tradition, it is interesting to see that it is not good only to respect tradition at this town. At the “Okamoto Kametaro Main Store”, they offer us unique and new products one after another, such as “Umetaro”, which plums produced in Kishu are soaked in Houmei liquor, and “Anzu Hime” which apricots picked up in Fukuyama are soaked in Houmei liquor, and “Shoga-no-suke”, which add ginger sips in Houmei liquor.

One of the most important policy in “Okamoto Kametaro Main Store” is to make a Mirin (original sake) brewing which is the basic step for brewing. There are only three mirin breweries in Hiroshima Prefecture, and surprisingly two of them are located here at Tomonoura. Mirin may be considered to be a seasoning that brings out sweetness and taste, but the feature of “Jyunmai Hon-jikomi Hon Mirin” produced by Okamoto Kametaro Main Store is cared about its rich “Umami” taste. Please try drinking it as it is. It is delicious as it is, it was drunk as a sweet high-class liquor. As time goes by, the contents of the bottle naturally change from clear amber to dark amber, which is a proof that the content of amino acids, which are umami components, is abundant.

Enjoy shopping while learning about the deep history and new attraction of Houmei liquor and Mirin. Of course, you can also try a variety of products from standard to new faces at the store.

Okamoto Kametarou Honten(Mitsuboshi)
Address/ 927-1 Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Tel/ +81-84-982-2126
Open/ 9:00~17:00(no holidays)