Tomonoura “Tai Shibari Ami” Net Fishing Technique
“Tai Shibari Ami” Net Fishing Technique: A Centuries-old method to catch sea bream in Tomonoura

In the Tomonoura area, a traditional net fishing technique to catch sea bream has been handed down for over 300 years. In order to continue this traditional practice, it has been displayed to tourists in a performance at sea since 1923. This technique is called “tai shibari ami,” and it is often referred to as simply “tai-ami.”

The technique involves a fleet of six ships manned by approximately fifty crewmen setting out for the sea off the coast of Tomonoura. Two of the ships follow the current to spread out a large net with a length of 1,500 meters and width of 100 meters. The ships intersect with each other to surround the sea bream and close the net. They then quickly bring up the net, and the captured sea bream are sold immediately from one of the ships. This technique was designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Fukuyama City in 2015.