Time flows a little differently in Tomonoura. It’s as if time slows down to a more relaxing pace.

Watch, as the sun moves from the southern eastern direction across the harbor, reflecting upon the sea in hues of vibrant red and shimmering golds as it makes its elegant ascent to the sky. During the daytime, when the sun is high, the deep blue sky and the sea become one, and when the sun begins to get lower, the dim orange sunshine warmly envelops the nostalgic town, Tomonoura. If you view the mountains at the northwest of the town of Tomonoura, you’ll catch a glimpse of the sun sinking across the mountain before it redens the town. Tomonoura is a town that wakes up with the sunrise and sleeps with the sunset. You may be able to restore your “natural rhythm” in this quiet town, as you too begin to flow freely with nature.

Tomonoura: Every morning begins with a beautiful sunrise

Tomonoura has prospered as one of Japan’s leading port towns since the Manyo Period. Although the number of fishing boats has decreased dramatically since then, the fishermen in Tomonoura still catch fish, which differ within each season. If you go out to the port of Tomonoura in the early morning on a sunny day, you may be able to see the figure of a fishing boat crossing the shimmering sea. The sea, bring void of any waves, is like an extending piece of silk, and the boat, like a stitch running through it. The silhouette of the floating islands and the seabirds flying around it beautifully decorates the landscape.

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A town with a beautiful sunrise, Tomonoura

Boasting a unique location, with the sea to the southeast and the mountain to the northwest, Tomonoura is known as a beautiful sunrise spot. One of the best view points is “Taishi-den”, which is at the top of the long stairs in “Iou-ji Temple. The area is rich with dense and lush trees, with an almost hollowed out center from which you can enjoy the view of the calm Seto Inland Sea. As the sun starts rising from the other side of the sea, the sky in navy blue gradually becomes dyed with a fantastic gradation in which deep red, purple, pink, orange, and gold are mixed. Stay in Tomonoura for a hike to observe the beautiful sunrise.

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Loose yourself in a leisurely time flow “Tomo time”

During the daytime, when the sun rises and is surrounded by the blue sky and the sea, you can enjoy the leisurely time that is unique to Tomonoura. Participate in local talks that are unfolded around “Joya-to lighthouse, or watch the water’s surface sitting on “Gangi, and lay down on “Hatoba” …. It is also charming to see the local cats enjoying taking a nap in  the sun, giving us the distinct impression that we should be relaxing too. Forget about the clock and just enjoy Tomonoura as it is. You will feel as if you are getting your time back.

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A town sleeps quietly in the night

Since Tomonoura is facing towards the southeast, the sunset sinks behind the mountains in the northwest. By that time, most of the shops have closed for the night and the small harbor town sinks down to enjoy a long, quiet night. What’s left behind is the glowing streetlights, the light that illuminates from the windows of houses, and the moonlight that shines down, to provide a shimmering night glow. Among them, there are two or three shops that light up at night. There is a special feeling to obtain by spending the evening with the locals, or even simply by taking a relaxing stroll along the harbor, feeling the sea breeze gently brushing against your face.

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