A municipal beach located in Sensuijima Island, designated as Seto Inland Sea National Park. Just 5 minute walk on foot from the port to Sensujima Island where is the beloved beach among locals.

You can fully enjoy summer activities comfortably, as all the necessary equipments such as mats, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, etc. are available to rent. As the current in the Setouchi area is very calm, making us feel so safe, secure, and refreshing! This Tomonoura resort offers everyone the fully experience for both beautiful landscape and fun beach activities.

Also there are the camping grounds near the beach where can be accommodated for tents (for 6 people). Tents are equipped with fridge, cold blower (only in summer), cushions so that you can enjoy so called Gramping.

At “National Residence Sensenjima” located on the island, rental service of barbeque set and cooking rice set, sale of food ingredients set as well. We can do tent accommodation as well as day camping.
The “National youth hostels Senzenjima” offers a rental service for BBQ set and rice cooker as well as selling the ingredients so that we can enjoy not only a staying but also a day camping. This hostel also has a restaurant, it would be a perfect place for those who would prefer to take their time for dining.

Tomonoura Beach
Address/ Tanoura, Ushiroji, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Tel/084-926-2649 (Fukuyama Convention & Visitors Association)
Beach season/ every mid July until mid August